Who are we?

At PR-Belts, we are convinced that every person holds an untapped potential just waiting to be unleashed. Our main mission is to motivate individuals to challenge their limits and push themselves beyond their known limitations.
Each product is carefully designed and created with the goal of empowering individuals in their pursuit of personal bests and a deeper understanding of their own potential.

Our vision

We were created based on a vision of the need for unique training equipment. PR-Belts basically became the uniform and common training belts on the market. We think there was a lack of personality and character.

PR-Belts does not only focus on selling high quality training equipment, we focus on our unique belts carrying a symbolic meaning of strength, discipline and personal development.


Our unique and eye-catching training belts are designed to give you the extra confidence and strength needed to challenge yourself and achieve your training goals. We believe that these products are not just a tool for physical training, but a symbolic reminder of the individual's ability to constantly challenge and improve themselves.

Unleash the power within