The Best Exercises for Using a Training Belt
De Bedste Øvelser til Brug af Træningsbælte

The Best Exercises for Using a Training Belt

Adding an exercise belt to your exercise routine can have a significant impact on your performance and results. But which exercises benefit most from this support? Let's explore some of the best exercises where a training belt can really make a difference!

  1. Deadlift
    An exercise belt can stabilize your spine during heavy lifts, which is essential for proper deadlift technique. It increases your posture and prevents overloading of the lower back.
  1. Squat
    During squats, a training belt supports your core and reduces the strain on the spine. It allows you to maintain an upright posture and focus more on the active work of the legs.
  1. Overhead Press
    When doing shoulder presses, an exercise belt can provide stability to your core, which is essential to avoid strain on the spine.
  1. Bent Over Rows
    A training belt can also be useful for heavy bent over rows. It stabilizes the spine and helps maintain good posture.

Incorporating a training belt into these exercises can not only improve your performance, but it can also help prevent injuries. Do not forget that the training belt must be used correctly to achieve the best results. Let PR-Belts guide you in choosing the perfect training belt for your needs so that you can maximize your training efficiency.

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