10mm vs. 13mm: What's Best for Your Training?
10mm vs. 13mm: Hvad er Bedst for Din Træning?

10mm vs. 13mm: What's Best for Your Training?

When training with heavy lifts, the choice of your belt plays a crucial role in your performance and safety. Two popular options on the market are 10mm and 13mm belts. This article will explore the differences between the two and help you make the best decision for your training.

Thickness and Stiffness
A 13mm belt is thicker and stiffer than a 10mm belt. This provides extra support which can be beneficial during extreme lifts. If you prioritize maximum stability, a 13mm belt may be the right choice.

Flexibility and freedom of movement
On the other hand, a 10mm belt offers more flexibility and freedom of movement. This can be ideal for those who want more comfort and mobility during their training.

Personal Preferences
Your choice between 10mm and 13mm also depends on your personal preferences and training style. Some prefer the extra stiffness, while others appreciate the flexibility.

Comfort and Fit
Also consider how the belt fits and feels during exercise. A comfortable fit is essential to get the maximum benefit from your training equipment. On the 10mm belt, there is both a focus on support and comfort, where the 13mm belt focuses exclusively on maximum support. In addition, a 13mm belt also takes longer to adapt to your body shape.

Final Considerations: Choosing between a 10mm and 13mm belt depends on your individual needs and goals. Take the time to evaluate your preferences, training routines and competition goals so you can make the best decision for your training success
Regardless of whether you choose a 10mm or 13mm belt, it is important to invest in quality. At PR-Belts, we have thoroughly tested a lot of belts to find the perfect belt. We have selected our belts with a strong focus on quality, comfort and support. That's why you can count on a quality-assured and well-tested belt from PR-Belts.

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